Saturday 7 July 2012

Belated picture-post: Norway, may 2012

A short week in mid-may I went to Norway, to Oslo. It is at least eight years since I was last in Oslo, and two years since I was in Norway. The trip was long planned; I would visit my beloved cousin Lisbeth and her family - and "accidentally" my visit would be at the same time as Wayne, Patty and Erik was in Oslo. This was meant to be a surprise for them, in the end it failed, to my great disappointment, but I am glad I went - it was a fun few days!

So, here's a flood of pictures in completely random order and completely random layout, because blogger ain't cooperating with me today.

Norwegian Red Pine with bark in different stages.

The gang :)

There is some uncertainty as to whether he was giving me a
killing look for taking pictures of him, or whether it was just
that the sun was in his eyes. I zoomed out and backed off anyway...