About this blog

This is a personal blog about things that strike my fancy. It started as a place for me to post photos I'd taken, and work on my photography skills, but I quickly lost interest and it turned into "Random". 

Main topics are crafts, especially yarn based crafts like knitting, and some painting. I have done a lot of fountain pen ink swatching in social media and I'll try to repost some of that here. I also use this as a place to document the few trips I make, or other photos and events that I feel like sharing. 

I want to collect links to yarn shops, especially indie dyers with their own shops or shops that carry indie dyers, that ship to Sweden (and thus EU) without being hit by customs. I might also write some about yarn and knitting in general, we'll see where that idea takes me. This will all be gathered under the new category "Resources. More to come!

About me

I am a forty-something non-binary Scandinavian, living in the countryside in Sweden with my partner and two cats. I grew up in Norway, and have family in the US, so most of my travel have been to those countries. I am a homebody however so don't expect a travel blog. Before the move to the countryside I spent 17 years in Stockholm. I work in IT (service design, product management), which enables me to work from home, which is necessary for me as I am disabled.