Saturday 5 May 2012

On my needles: Crystal Shawl

Shawlette, being adapted from a table cloth pattern by Marianne Kinzel, a pattern first publicized in 1953 called "English Crystal". I figure things out as I go along a bit, but I am very satisfied with the way it is actually fitted to being around a neck and hanging over shoulders. If I had gone along with the original pattern I would have gotten a square, and by halving that, a very regular triangle. Many possibilities other than the more complicated road I have chosen to go down. This is the same pattern as I used for the Sugar and Spice table cloth.

The yarn I use is Handmaiden Lady Godiva in the colourway Sangria (50% wool, 50% silk), and I must admit it is fast becoming my favourite yarn I have ever touched or worked with. SO SOFT! I only have a single skein and do not feel like splurging on another (it is fairly costly, unfortunately) to make the shawl bigger, so shawlette it is. But I suspect I will buy more skeins (probably in other colours) in the future for other luxury projects.

Skein being wound into a ball to knit from.
Complete with Swedish matchbox for size comparison.

The colour feels a bit sugary when I see it on photos, but handling it I feel that it is lovely and that it will really pop against my black dresses. The mustard yellow and orange helps to de-sucrify it I suppose.

PS: I also wound the huge Kauni skein into five balls, numbered for sequence to make seamless transitions. It is ca 1900m of yarn. That means winding almost 2km of yarn into balls. A good nights job!
Look at the size of that skein! 

The yarn is single ply and so thin, so thin. The blue parts kept
breaking as I wound the balls, which was part of the reason for
making multiple balls of it. I am not sure what to make out of
something this rainbow-looking... suggestions welcome!