Saturday 2 July 2011

Granny's table cloth, with sugar and spice and everything nice

I have been thinking about lace knitting, and about doilies and table cloths of the kind that, well, my mother's generation and those older knit and crochet, mostly in pastel colours. And so I was pondering this, and I decided I wanted to knit myself a little table cloth (or actually, as large as I would have patience for), but I would spice it up with kitschy neon colours. And while suffering through some Harry Potter (1,5 book, I never managed more), a book about the Uncertainty Principle, and some Feynman lectures, I finished a table cloth in happy stripes. All knit on 2mm needles.

So here it is; about 80cmx80cm, with fringes knotted onto the crocheted edge - not being visible in the photo since it was too large and wound up being blocked around rather than on top of the poor pierced footstool.