Sunday 6 May 2012

Wedding Album

Aimee had seen some of the stuff I make on the blog and one day last autumn I got an e-mail with a request. Aimee and Ivo were getting married and they wanted a suitable wedding album/guest book. We sent some e-mails back and forth, and I promised to do it around christmas - then I got ill, went abroad, and time flew and it was mid april before I got around to it. Still, it was on time.

Here are some photos. I incorporated the invitation into the design, to my relief it turned out to be in the same colours as the things I had already bought for the project. Guess communication was going well in the planning stage?

I have never before made something on commission for someone I don't really know, and it turned out to be quite a different experience. Usually I can lean against a knowledge about the person's taste, this time I only had our mail conversation to support my hunches. The sandy background came from the information that they were getting married on a beach, the feathers was inspired by the dress, and the rest were stuff that seemed fitting in colour and style. The photos don't really show it but the flowers were more cream than white.