Sunday 4 March 2012

North Carolina: Goodbye, I'm going south!

Thursday, Feb 2nd: Last day
The last day was, among other things, spent going in to Raleigh to have a peek at an exhibition of digital interactive artworks. It turned out to be somewhat disappointing, but the growling plant seemed to fascinate Wayne. Of course, according to my standards the ticket was so cheap that it was totally worth it anyway.

In the morning Patty and I wandered around a bit, I got even more inspiration for crafts and things to make when I got home, and we found yet another yarn shop with irresistible yarns that aren't for sale over here. (I'll get back to those skeins in a later post...) The nice lady at the till gave me some needles for free because I didn't have any with me; not having intended to knit on the trip (I did have my tatting with me, it is a more compact and travel friendly craft). In the afternoon we went and got locally made ice cream, sitting in the sunshine eating it. Good times.

If you want to to see the pictures in a larger format, click on them and use the gallery function. 
Patty (to the left - you can actually see her outline) and Wayne (to the right, making a big  circular gesture with his arm) playing with one of the installations. 

Ever been at a loss of what to do with old bicycle wheels? 

I was there. RLY.

Ice cream in the sun. Patty! <3

The source of the ice cream. 

Jersey wanted to play one more time.

Goodbye, garden. Goodbye, Hillsborough. 

Friday, Feb 3rd: Heading south
Friday morning meant getting up early, hopping in the car, and then Wayne and Patty kindly drove me south to Charlotte where we met up with my friend Carol and her daughter, with whom I would travel on for the next adventure in my little series. THAT was a strange experience emotionally - really not wanting to go, disliking having to say goodbye, at the same time as it was so AWESOME meeting Carol and going to Florida with her.

I got to try my hand at being the map reader and navigator in the US for the first time and it turned out to be easy, we got all the way to the house we were going without much incident (though Carol's bank thought her card had been stolen because it was used in so many states and blocked it. WTF?).

So, we drove south.. from North Carolina through South Carolina, Georgia, and finally across Florida to get to where our friends J&J live. Through Georgia we had the decidedly best weather I saw on the entire trip, I actually had to get my sun screen because my right arm (catching the sun through the passenger window) was getting sore to the touch and I decided to not risk it.

Welcome to my state, now feed me!