Friday, 2 March 2012

North Carolina: Woodturning

Just observing on the first day: Wayne looking for treasure. 

Observing: Patty finishing off the bottom of a bowl. 


Bottom of the bowl.

First lesson. First bowl to be rough turned. Wayne literally held my hand for quite a while.

And then suddenly he didn't... 

My two rough turned bowls. Wonder if anything will become of them.. 


  1. And I am almost willing to bet money that you haven't seen a photo of me with that kind of smile before, unless you are my mother or otherwise very near family. Nor is the chance very great you ever will again.

  2. Nice! Woodturning is awesome. Made a salad bowl in masurbjörk (don't know the name in enlish - a kind of birch) and birch in highschool. Well, it's pretty chunky as well. :)

  3. You look great in that overall, like you're doing real work >;)

    Cold As Heaven


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