Saturday 15 February 2014


I don't have any great photos of my haircut but I have some where it is possible to see what it looks like, so I figured I'd put them up. However, I have always said I shouldn't have short hair due to my scalp looking like a hot mess when I have allergic reactions to food, and after a week, sure enough, I broke out. Itchy, red, bumpy, bleeding. I'll try to treat it with a change of shampoo to one that contains tea tree oil, primarily. My old TTO shampoo made my skin calm right down when I had the acid-burn feeling on my scalp and back after washing my hair, so hopefully it will work with this too.

Also, holy shit but my hair grows faster than I was aware of. It was long enough that I could grab it and tug it after 8 days. Bought a trimmer.