Monday 11 November 2013


Alasdair no longer purrs silently, but so loudly he could wake the dead. He is turning into a lap cat - if I can catch him. I don't want to make a habit of chasing them down, though, so we are compromising a bit and saving cuddles for morning and evening before I let them out of the cat room (they still sleep in the hallway, both to let me sleep and because they seem to feel safer in there, the world is still a bit big). He is more trusting of me, and always interested in food. FOOD. And he loves being brushed.

Actually, so does she. And petted and loved - on her premises, the few places she feels safe. If she feels unsafe and I get too close she tries to kill me. I have bloody stripes all over my body as a result. She is tougher in the surroundings generally though, explores a lot. She likes to carry stuff around.

They are both babies still. And we haven't lived together all that long - two weeks and a few days. :)