Thursday, 14 November 2013

End of Week

I am going fonduing with coworkers tomorrow (snerk! I can't think of fondue without Captain America references anymore, sorry), and decided it warrants a fresh mani without tip wear. I had to patch to get a wide enough picture for the thumb - can you see the line where I restamped to fill in the edge? Not quite a mannequin nail colour as a base, but one of these days I will find the perfect colour.


  1. ooo... you did those with stamping? I haven't done patterns with those, just some odd figures, but it seems like I ought to give a go to the patterns as well.

    That is - your nails look awesome!

    1. Thank you - I've had better stamping days than the above (see the grey/orange based ones below, for instance) but yep - I like stamping. has my favourite stamping plates and stampers so far, Vividlacquer on etsy is another favourite!


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