Tuesday 9 April 2013

August 4th: ATV

Back to blogging about the August trip! Finally!

The morning of the 4th, the day of the wedding, I got up, showered, pottered around. Then after breakfast someone hollered and wanted to know if anyone else wanted to go for an ATV ride - Yes! I changed back to the clothes I had worn the night before (already dusty), grabbed Kate and two helmets, and off we went, Kate riding pillion with me. Eric and Brad were the other ATV riders, while Karl, the owner of the cabin, were biking ahead of us...

The boyscouts had set fire to the forest.

Two hours later (and after racing Eric back to the cabin, Kate screaming like a banshee behind me), we were back at the cabin after a nice ride in periodically rather rough terrain (no photos from the steep parts - I was busy!). Another shower - the water was red with dust, but even after scrubbing out all that dust my towel went red too. Dust, dust everywhere. Nonetheless, I managed to get myself cleaned up in time for the big event... next post.