Wednesday, 3 October 2012

August 3rd; The Road Trip Part

The wedding itself was actually to be held up in the Uinta mountains, so friday morning all the people gathered in one place and spread out among available cars. North-east out of SLC to Evanston (which is in Wyoming) and then south and back into Utah to the cabin where it all was to happen.

I took some photos while we were driving, as usual. 

I am very fascinated by the desert colours. Tans and ochres and suddenly red. 

The black dots are cattle. Wyoming...

I like this photo, with the truck and the green fields and the farms and then the mountains in the distance. 

This looks very much like home to me...

Sheep in the road. Kate said "What the f*k!?" to my great amusement. 

Back in Utah the desert colours again become prevalent, but at an altitude high enough to make the vegetation look more like what it does where mother lives. 

The road up to the cabin. 


  1. Road-side geology can be quite interesting in the US >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. I really enjoyed the scenery on the way as well. Some parts I was thinking that it looks like where I come from (just plain as long as you can see) but of course much drier; and in other parts it looked exactly what I imagined real America should look like, you know, the Western image of it :)

    And road side geology can be and, indeed, is interesting especially in these parts. No wonder Cameron chose to study it :)


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