Tuesday 2 October 2012

August 2nd: Bachelor/ette Party

My trip was timed around my friend Jonna's wedding on aug. 4th. For some months we had however planned a surprise appearance a few days earlier, kidnapping her for a traditional Scandinavian bachelorette party. At some point I started poking around and the kidnapping of the groom was synchronized too. In the afternoon the groups merged and partied together.

This meant Kate and I had a deadline to get from NYC to SLC, and even if it started to look as if the car situation would solve, we just had to go, so we splurged on last-minute plane tickets and flew west wednesday night.

Bachelorette Partiers

This isn't actually a bad picture (if not for the reflection in her glasses), but truth is she was about to kill me.

Ongoing torture. 

Bride & Groom - after the parties joined forces. 

"Should I use the child as a torch?" (cheering) "Man, you really don't like him, huh?"