Sunday 1 April 2012

Texas: Midland/Odessa - Big Bend

Dinosaur.                                                                                                               Flat. 

Flat to the sides as well.                                                                                             Still flat!

Ooh, not flat to one side!                                                                       ...then it went flat again.

Eternal rows of windmills covering the horizon.                                   Finally something to look at!

A town. Sorta.                                                                 Another pumpjack. One of thousands.

For sale.                                                                                                 Don't you crave it?

Another windmill-covered horizon seen across the desert.

Uh oh, I think I am being photographed.

(I was.) - One of our MANY MANY stops to cool the Wagon down.

Welcome to Fort Stockton.

This is actually one of my very last photos before Big Bend: As night approached the photographing slowed down and came to a halt around Ft Stockton where we stopped for supplies.