Saturday 10 March 2012


We (that is, Carol and I) arrived at J's house fairly late Friday night (Feb 3rd), and stayed until Monday morning (Feb 6th). To be honest there is not much to tell from my time there: The time was spent relaxing and just hanging out with lovely J and her sweet husband (not to mention five kids aged 11-17 or so). We had a great time!

Now, looking through my photos it turns out I had almost no photos from the visit there that were NOT of Attis, one of their cats whom I developed a mad crush on. They also had a psychotic dog (who I actually dreamed about last night! I dreamed Bonnie had turned into the sweetest dog ever - can you believe it?), a snake, another cat, and a hamster.

Leaving was as usual painful, I wanted to spend more time with all the wonderful people and get to know them better - at the same time I had another adventure coming, which I was looking forwards to.