Monday, 23 January 2012

More knitted bracelets!

I have been ill and mostly not knitting. As I have been getting better I have slowly picked up the needles again.

The first days I was well enough to knit I made bracelets (the turquoise one is from an earlier batch). Yarn:  Drops Alpaca. Needles: 2mm. Garter stitch. Pre-threaded 4mm rocaille beads.


  1. How much for a custom one? :)

    1. Good question! It depends on material (I have so far knitted them in alpaca or cotton), how much beadwork, width, edging, any lace work (see earlier posts - I also knit lacy ones), etc. Also, friends will get a friendlier price :)

      Hit me with the details on silme at silme dot net, and I will get back to you. Generally I'll say from SEK100 and up (excluding the super narrow one on the picture which I will NOT reproduce in the foreseeable future..).

    2. And you don't have to calculate width, just tell me what you had in mind and I will give you a concrete suggestion.


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