Sunday, 22 January 2012

Helsinki trip 16-18th of December

I took very few pictures. I blame the rain and that I didn't want my camera to get wet.

Kiasma is the Museum of Modern Art in Helsinki. We huddled in their cafe in the rain. It has excellent service, if somewhat dull food and bad tea (though better than the hotel!)

The Ounce is a lovely tea shop where I spend way too much money (somewhere between 30 and 40e worth of tea in that bag - can't remember the exact sum). Pina Colada was a new acquaintance that I wish I had bought more of. The other new ones weren't so exciting. My favourite is Jasmin Baghdad, a blend of green and black with fruity (redcurrants at least - you can see the berries in the tea) overtones.

They stopped calling the biggest crisp bags "Megapussi" and switched to "Megabag" - probably tired of the jokes. My friend Kasha found this in a bar though. Minipussi!


  1. Nice pictures.

    I've been to Helsinki only once, many years ago. There are two things I remember:
    1. They have a good technical museum.
    2. Downtown nightlife in the weekend was pretty wild.

    Have you seen the movie Night on Earth by Jim Jarmush? The fifth and last part from Helsinki (made in co-operation with the Kaurusmaki brothers) is great >:)

    (I leave only this comment, since I'm not too much into the knitting stuff)

    Cold As Heaven

    1. 1) I have not been there, but I enjoy the National Museum immensely.
      2) Where the hell did you go? :P Anyway, if you are back soon - go to Bruuveri in the mall called Kamppi (Kampen) and have a mead-ish IPA that we think is called Hona (but we are not sure, since there was no label on the tap). They make it themself. Very delicious.

      I have not seen it. Not a movie buff. :/

      (You might be bored the coming few days. But hey, at least you can admire my new furniture which starts showing glimpses? Like the green new ottoman? ;) )

      PS: In case I was unclear: TAKE WEEKEND TRIP TO HKI. HAVE BEER. I can recommend a nice-ish cheap-ish hotel called Sokos Hotel Albert. They also have delicious pizza in case it rains so bad you don't want to go out. Bring family, have fun. DS.


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