Sunday, 21 December 2008

This is how I live

Quite a while ago - sometime in oktober I think - I received requests from several friends that doesn't live in Stockholm to document my flat and my new furniture. I kept postponing - mostly due to the perpetual state of random untidyness that tends to surround me - a teacup here, a stack of magazines there, my paper-craft materials spread all over. But.. finally - here you go.

No tree this year, so I improvised with the bamboo.

Kitchen table - has a nice view when you don't have a reflection of me taking photos instead. ;)

Yep, you guessed right, livingroom from an hereto undocumented angle. (And look, theres a gift under the tree, I mean, bamboo!)

Reading nook behind the storage unit and the desk.
Hallway... with the chairs mother brought and the lights from my missing christmas tree.

View from the hallway into the livingroom - and another reading chair.


  1. Åh, I love those chairs you got from your mother!!
    And - your home looks very warm and nice!!


  2. Oh, you've got a pretty home!

    And I spotted the dragon! Yay! ^^


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