Wednesday 31 December 2008

Green hair and interesting(?) facial expressions

Well, as you can see, my hair is much greener than it looked in the earlier photos - and in addition its now all the hair, not just the bangs. Yay! :)

As usual when taking photoes, at first I wasn't quite sure where the camera was pointing or what would happen. Testing, testing... Then I started testing smiling (very daring, you see - doing two things at once, like smiling and pressing the button on the camera! Complicated stuff.)

Books! More books! This seems to be more a portrait of my bookshelf than me, and I am not sure why I am posting it since you can see books in all the pictures.
Dunno why I am posting this either. But you can see my dragon ear ornament. :)Then I started making faces at the camera. A typical sign that it is time to go do something else, have some tea, or maybe a whisky - so I went to empty the camera instead of taking more pictures, and here we are!