Sunday 5 October 2008

Dash of colour in grey weather

My favourite season is autumn - september and october and november (if november doesn't turn into winter that is). I love all the colour and I love the weather. But at the same time, it can be a very grey season - mostly due to the high risk of wind and rain and overcast skies.

Several of my herbs were attacked by some parasite - the regular basil, both thyme plants and probably the mint at least, possibly also the rosemary and the purple basil. I wasn't taking any chances anyway, so yesterday I threw them all out and set out on a mission to sterilize the pots, intending to plant new herbs and start over.

The local grocery shop recently changed to a more flowery profile, they have quite alot of plants and flowers around the entrance, cheerful and nice. The pink and bright red chrysanthemums tempted me and this morning I decided to go for it - they are cheap and I'll just throw them out when they stop flowering (I think - else put them in a spare corner with the plants from the balcony and plant them out with the ivy next year, but I am not sure if they are perennials), and start over with the herbs in a month or whenever that happens. For now - my kitchen seems more cheerful to me :)