Sunday 26 October 2008

Cauldron Art Challenge Oktober

The challenge was this:

"Ok peeps - get out your pens, pencils and paints, virtual or real, and start designing a cover for Rhapsody (as in the first book - not the character.) The twist is it needs to reflect the horror or spooky elements of the first book. Inspiration could come from things like the trip through the Root, the Rak'sha, the nasties chasing the Three or even Achmed's face. Whatever floats your boat. It can be humorous, nightmarish or gothic; as long as it reflects the theme and looks vaguely like a book cover."

Because of lack of time/energy, it will probably not become more than this painted sketch (gouache on board) - but I had fun thinking it up and realising I would be able to make what I wanted.

On the root (Click to enlarge)

"Well, 'allo Duchess! Oi was 'opin you'd drop in! Care for a spot o' tea?"