Saturday 8 July 2006

To become diligent..

As my title suggests, this is an attempt to, or rather a tool to help me to work more on my photography skills. While I am by no means a great photographer (yet!), I am also aware that friends and other people with kindly sentiments towards me tend to be pleased by what I do.

The intent now, before actually beginning this, is to post at least one photo a week, for instance every wednesday. Hopefully it will mostly be good work, but I think that rather often it will simply be a picture that I like. I might post more often if I feel like it, and I will probably miss some postings. I might post other things at times - drawings or paintings, for instance.

But mostly, this is a tool to make me bring my camera with me and not be so shy about using it. My self-discipline can be somewhat lacking.. In the beginning I have the advantage of archives to take from, but unless I want to post rubbish or repetitive subjects, I need to work hard.

Hopefully it will all work out.

I was lately in Norway visiting my family, and when we were out with the boat I saw this blind passenger. Actually, I saw it when it spun its web from me to the rail (which is where I caught its image). Click photo to enlarge!