Wednesday 3 August 2022

Fountain pen inks in felt tip pens

 Around 2017 I wanted to refill felt tip pens or brush pens with fountain pen inks, but was met with blank stares in shops. Since then both new stuff has hit the market and experimentation has happened.

Platinum is the short answer to my solutions, but there might be others out there. I'd be happy to hear about your experience. I'd love to find a refillable bristle tip brush pen.

Bullet tip marker

Platinum released a Preppy in felt tip format, the Preppy Sign Pen. It has a bullet felt tip. It comes with a black cartridge, but can of course be used with any Platinum cartridge, or a converter. 

Brush pen

The Platinum Japanese Brush Pocket Pen, or Platinum Fude Pocket Pen (it has different names in different shops) is a felt tip brush pen with a long and flexible tip. It comes with a black cartridge and there are special cartridges sold for it, but they're the same format as regular Platinum cartridges, so in addition to the range of cartridge colours you have the option of a Platinum converter. 

Brush pen inked with Diamine Blue Velvet

Platinum also sells an adapter that lets you use international standard cartridges, or a slim converter (for instance if you have a Jinhao converter lying about). Cartridges can be cleaned and refilled with bottled ink using a (blunt) syringe, so the sky's the limit.


Brush pen



Cleaning felt tip pens to use other colours goes so-so, so consider that before you ink for the first time. Shimmer inks won't work well with the felt tip which will be clogged by the shimmer, but felt tip pens are generally wet enough to work well with sheen inks. 

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