Sunday 31 July 2022

Where did all the posts go?

891 of some 1480+ posts are now hidden, deemed irrelevant by yours truly. It's the first step in a move to pick up blogging again. What I'd really like is to move all this to an archive page and start over, but I am not finding an easy way of doing that. Instead the purge. I am slowly going through and updating tags on all the posts to make things navigable. The label based navigation will be hit and miss until I update it all. 

Why this renewed interest in blogging? 

2020 Ravelry did some updates to their webpages that causes physical harm to some people, me included, I get migraines and tics in one arm from spending more than a few minutes on their site. They proceeded to gaslight a lot of people and made fun of disabled people. We do not like Ravelry and do not support them.

Much of my online activity moved to twitter and to a discord for one of the smaller rav-groups I was in. Mostly my knitting stuff was on twitter. But twitter is getting more and more problematic, and I choose to not spend much time there and have deleted my history (which wasn't an easy choice but felt right). 

I spend some time in the fediverse on a mastodon server (ping me if you want my @), but unless you actually follow me there you likely won't see my posts. I also feel like I have things to share about knitting in particular, both technical knowledge (I talked about yarn types and what they are suitable for with someone and it got attention and I realised a lot of people might not know and want to know - there are voices but I could be another), and where, as a scandinavian, to buy yarn. And patterns, if we don't do ravelry!

I don't know that this will turn into a yarn/knitting/fibercrafts only blog, it feels unlikely. It'll probably stay random. Not the least because I make other types of art as well. And there's always gardens, photos of stuff I see...

And finally, a personal update: I have moved to the countryside, bought a house and stuff. Totally overwhelmed, and living in a labyrinth of boxes still one month in. Today I got internet! Small steps of progress. The cats both love it here.