Sunday 14 June 2015

'Veterandag på Skå 2015' - Spitfire!

FINALLY, eh? This totally deserves its own post. I turn into a drooling fangirl!

A repetition from the other plane-post: 
All the photos can be viewed album style by clicking one and using the arrows to navigate.

These photos deserve to be enlarged and thus I at not going to make any smaller thumbs because I love these birds so much. For some mysterious reason I decided to not bring my tele lens in the morning.. so these are taken with a 18/55, a compact camera and my phone. I haven't edited any of them, what I managed to catch is what you get..

This one is almost spooky, like it is about to fly into a rift in the universe. In reality it is just silhouetted against the clouds with sunlight reflected off. 

Low over the ground

Despite my extremely awkward photo posing this photo thrills me. As I said, fangirl.