Saturday 14 June 2014


Remember KAOS! from this post? The video in the post is their first single, a few years back.

Last night I saw them live for the first time.



The single is like the tip of the iceberg, showing the potential. I haven't heard the full record, though I will most certainly buy it - I hope some of the depth and raw power of the live performance translates to the recorded format! If you have a chance to see them live, do. And buy the record. It's on itunes if you can't get the actual CD. I turned into an instant lifelong fan last night, just migrating closer and closer to the stage, and actually dancing (despite wishing I had brought my cane half an hour earlier - I got to pay for that).

Honestly I was so tired after work yesterday - I slept on the metro to town, was very unsure if I would manage to stay up until the concert, somehow managed, left immediately after, and then I slept 40 minutes on the metro home before wandering home and going straight to bed. Wish I could sleep longer in the mornings.. Today my legs are cramping from the effort of holding me up without support yesterday. Ow. OW.

Oh, and I spent four hours in a hairdresser chair, and got my hair dyed and cut. Blue and turquoise and neon green dye, and freshened up the undercut and trimmed the neck, and cut off some more off the length - in various sections.

The t-tune project is taking a break. I am a bit tired of it, but I kept it up for over three months. I might pick it up again later, or I might never start again. Time will show.