Saturday 24 May 2014

Emerging dialects

Are you annoyed or intrigued by the emergence of the variations of language that are used online?

Things appear - usually initially in English - and then get translated in some form, or fitted for use to another language. I love it, though I also love the ability to write and speak in a precise and more conservative fashion - I love language in several variations. I have always been fascinated with dialects and how language is used differently in different settings. Perhaps this fascination is rooted in or amplified by my own multi-dialect childhood where I would speak different dialects with my parents - and I default to a third when speaking with people that do not sound like either of them. I still love trying to grasp regional and social nuances in differences in language use, and I love how we - usually without thinking about it - change the use to be suited for the setting we are in. I would be unlikely to say "I can't even." to my boss, for instance.

This little piece is most readworthy on the emergence of an online dialect of English.