Tuesday 24 December 2013

The return of the Hellcats

So the Hellcats are here for the holidays, and things are getting lively.

Nestor broke into the cat food cupboard, stole a package of cat nip treats, poured them all over the kitchen floor. By the time I discovered it three out of four cats were belly up on the rug drugged out of their skulls.

Meanwhile Nemesis was busy breaking into the cleaning cupboard in the hallway, where her mischief consisted of dragging every single blue ikea bag (commonly used for laundry in Sweden) out and spreading them all over the flat.

Nestor keeps stealing my cotton, both single cotton pads and entire packages, and running off with.

My leather glove (one of them) is MIA, I hope nobody killed it with claws and teeth (I expect it will turn up).

Nemesis jumped up on the kitchen worktop and "tidied" it, by batting down every single item she could get at. Mostly spices. The racket frightened the others so much that it was completely silent here for half an hour as everybody huddled under the sofa.

And now, christmas morning, I put some packages under my tree.