Thursday, 19 December 2013

New game!

Cats discovered a new game while I was at work - called "kill the sand bags" - since I had bought several huge sacks of cat litter last night that were stacked by the door still. Came home to a sandy floor in the hallway... to put it mildly. I cleaned it up before it occurred to me to document it.


  1. Cats are raptors. Maybe they wanted to go out to hunt, and practiced on the sand bags in the mean time >:)

    Cold As Heaven

    1. They were sitting, stretching out a paw, and using their claws to make a sproinggging sound as they ripped the plastic. I honestly think they liked the sound and feel, because they tend to want to play with other things that makes noise (like reusable shopping bags made of a tarp like material..).

      They don't care much about hunting their toys, though they like to pounce on me when I am under the duvet. And the black cat likes to steal shiny stuff like money, jewellery, tools. I am pretty sure she has a stash somewhere. They both carry sticks around like dogs would. We shall practice "apport!" when they get a bit tamer ;)


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