Saturday, 1 June 2013

I goat a hug!

I was sitting on the rock when he came over and hugged me, when I hugged back this moment of mutual happiness occurred.
(Photo by my brother K-A. There's a whole series of these.)

And yea, I have been in Norway, by the way.


  1. The goats are apparently very social animals, and they tend to like people. Sometimes they can be s little bit annoying, if you're out hiking and get a herd of goats following you >:)

    Cold As Heaven

    1. They are incredibly social. That said my brother also has villsau and they came up to me too, but only the biggest goat wanted actual hugs (there is a photo where I am berating another goat for trying to eat things like my camera strap).

      The small goats normally loose in Norway can be really annoying, I remember this from being in the mountains as a child :D These large ones were only annoying as long as there was bread left, after that they mostly behaved as large dogs. This one wanted to gå fot when I went for a hike.


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