Sunday 30 September 2012

July 29th: Beach life

I took this a few blocks from where we ate breakfast (and I satisfied my initial bagel cravings). 

Kate's the beat up legs (she falls down stairs and stuff, I don't).
Mine are the blue-white ones (we had no summer in Scandiland). 

Kate was not prepared for the wave, I was timing my photo to it. Hee. 

Trying to keep my dress from getting wet, and forgetting I wear leggings. Win. 

The traditional Feet-And-The-Sea photo. 

This was taken at a Walmart. Most of it was closed off in this way. For our safety. We might shop, otherwise.
(Sunday in NJ)
Since the original plan (to head out sunday noon-ish) crashed when the car crashed (which was the reason for the missing Kate), we got bonus days in NJ/NY. Luckily Mike could offer us a place to crash and happily (?) chauffeured us around. He seemed to live vicariously through our mishaps. (That's OK.)

Sunday was spent at the beach (most of my photos are however corrupt now :( ), and then trying to figure out insurance + rental car. Seeing Mike get a fat wad (50+ of them) of $1 bills for change for $100 was another thing I should have documented.. I was too busy laughing.