Tuesday 29 May 2012

Texas: Marathon - El Paso

Driving to El Paso. The day started out hazy and ended as overcast - good driving weather but makes photos look grey!
This was fairly early in the day.

Ah, Valentine. On the far side of the town we passed THIS...

Endless roads. I was surprised at how few photos I had taken on that drive, but I guess I was getting immune to roads and desert scapes and mountains, or I was just apathetic and depressed at having to leave.
Whatever the reason, it does not matter - the images are left inside my head and will stay there for a long, long time. 

A Lone Star on a mountainside in El Paso, Saturday night. Apologies for the blur. I have a bunch of just as or even more blurry photos of Erik under a sign with a Blue Devil on it. ;)