Thursday 1 March 2012

Walkin', walkin'... And taking pictures.

Monday, Jan. 30th: Gone walking. 
In the early part of the day we went to Ayr Mount and walked about for a bit in the grounds, and took pictures. Then we went to Duke Gardens and did the same. In between we went to Whole Foods and bought sallads for lunch, and some cranberry juice that turned out to be so sour the only way I could drink it was with vodka and sugar. So, now I have a prejudice against Whole Foods. Hrm. This was also the day they showed me the gallery. I didn't want to leave.

Tuesday, Jan 31st: Rest? Rest you say?
Tuesday I was feeling the tiredness after the pneumonia and then two days of more activity than I'd had since early December, so I begged for a day of rest. Instead of resting I played with Jersey and Cato (the dogs) until they wanted a nap... In the afternoon Wayne and Patty showed me some of what they do in the workshop. I was very interested and bouncing up and down with excitement. I love working magic and finding things inside other things - in this case bowls inside blocks of wood.

Wednesday, Feb 1st: Woodturning
Time for my lesson to start for real. Wayne started showing me how to turn wood! ...and suddenly the day had gone.