Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Quick update from the trip

More to come later, but here are the few photos I shared in Facebook during the trip - in inverted order. So, just to recap: Visiting relatives in North Carolina, road trip with my friend Carol down to Florida to visit more friends, then I flew out to Texas to spend a week there. Got lots and lots and lots of photos, which will slowly but surely appear here during the coming month or so.

Erik gave me a shooting lesson (and took pictures of it).

Our "rig" as the RV-people called it. Hot girls, huh? :)
We seemed to be a tourist attraction on our own with that couple! (59 Ford and 51 Kozy Coach)

Hot boiled peanuts (cajun spiced). Served by my friend Jeannine when I was in FL and my new favourite thing.


  1. Nice, I'd love to take a roadtrip in that!

  2. It was great a lot of the time, but we spent more time than is reasonable on any roadtrip waiting for the car to cool down (and how come everywhere you go is uphill, SOMEWHERE gotta be downhill?). But yea.. going to miss it. Better than my job, that's for certain!

  3. Great, now you can protect me after the apocalypse. Aim for their heads!

  4. I actually got in a highly accidental headshot on one of the targets. On the other hand; if I aim for their heads I am likely to actually hit their torsos rather than hoping the ricochet will kill them. :P


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