Saturday 25 February 2012

Dining table

I went through several frustrating months of anxious hunting for a dining table last fall, before I finally, by chance (I was venting my frustration at a salesman in a shop that was closing) found the perfect table - custom made for me. The size I wanted, and without the modern "squareness" (thick square legs and thick square edges) that I didn't like. Slightly slimmer, in oiled oak, it has been sitting wrapped and legless in my hallway since the end of january.

Today I finally got around to evicting the old ugly ikea-"wood" table (now hiding in the balcony until I can get rid of it), and getting the new into place. Also rolled out the rug which has been waiting for the table for months. Two chairs are still in bits and pieces but they will be in place later today.

New, and rather grey, kitchen/dining area (the chairs have grey fabric covered seats).
Unfortunately it matches the weather today...