Sunday 3 April 2011

Various Tatted Items...

Detail of the last project I made from the teaching book.
I am not wholly done with the book, but it there is only one pattern left in it I have not attempted. It is for a table runner, so I am skipping it more because of the size and repetitive boredom of the project than because it is difficult (it isn't). 

Bracelet made mainly during lunch breaks at work.
The beads I added at home, they are strung onto elastic to make it easier to slip it over the hand. 

Bracelet made today while watching NCIS.
Will forever in my mind be tied to murder. 

Bookmark, intended as a gift.
Does it look like flowers or not?

The first bracelet I made, based on the bookmark I made as one of my first projects.
Also my first beaded item.
I gifted it to my mother seeing as she liked it :)