Sunday 24 April 2011

Updated balcony :D

We took a trip to a garden center today, and I came back with loot. No plants; those I have (considering I have sprouts growing in boxes in the windows indoors too), but other things.
A deck chair, sea grass mats for the floor (they smell like the dried grass in barns did in my childhood), some mixed tools and supplies (mostly for my plantlings when they grow bigger and are to be planted out).

What happened to the floor is tragic: I had a beautiful polished concrete floor, smooth, easy to clean, lovely under bare feet. Then the landlord decided to "fix it up" and now it is rough surfaced, impossible to get clean, and full of metal splinters that hurt human and feline feet. Thus the sea grass mats. They are prickly but I will get some rag rugs to put in strategic places to walk on.

I really wanted a green deck chair, lime green, but wound up with a black one when I realised I might drop the kitsch style in the future (my pale turquoise rugs and table cloth is already ruining it, but those are temporary). I am already looking longingly at rose prints and similar "romantic" styles.. as well as a more asian look with bamboo and similar. There were no white chairs else I might have gone with that as the most neutral and future proof option - beige was out of the question.

It is not done - my table/chair set is better suited in a garden and until I have a garden to put it in I am trying to foster it with my mother, whose garden can provide a home for it for a while. I want a comfy set that takes less space and is collapsible for flat storage. Already found what I want. Modern, black textilene, for good and bad - I didn't expect it to be so comfy when I with a sneer sat down to try it out. Now just to find it in stock somewhere.

Also I need shade. The sun is merciless is summer. So a sail needs to go up, so I can shade the part I am sitting in at least.

Plans plans plans!