Thursday 6 January 2011

X-stitch paperback cover

H borrowed one of my paperback covers this autumn for a while, and liked it - it does protect the book when you carry it around, and the built in bookmark means at least I don't put the book down back up but open to keep my place.

However we were unable to find any that looked good - pink ones that said Bible and similar were the only that seemed to be in existance nowadays. So I figured making one would be a good present for him. Of course, since I am not very adept at using a sewing machine, I completely underestimated the amount of work involved in the number of attempts I had to make at assembly. Not to mention the hours and hours of embroidery hell. Also, H just wouldn't leave me alone, wanting to visit me or me to visit him all the time, or for us to go out and do stuff.

Sometimes I was unaware he was heading here and I heard the key in the door and had to dive for cover.

But he never suspected and luckily he never went looking in my conspicuous white box that was randomly standing in the middle of my floor for weeks and weeks (maybe it seems normal, hehe).

Here is the result anyway. I hunted down screen shots which I zoomed in on to get as accurate as possible patterns, although it is still not exact.