Thursday 30 December 2010

On my needles

Finally started knitting my new shawl. Bought the yarn in early/mid december, and had planned to knit the shawl over the holidays, but due to my illness I didn'n start until today. Linus already went to sleep on it and refused to move several times, in payment I had him model what I have done so far.. :)

It is 14% done - knitting it width-wise (meaning the long edges below will be the short edges on a similarly shaped item) and it will be looong. One of the biggest projects (at least in surface area) that I have ever knitted, and meant to give me self-confidence to tackle other big things. Knitted in simple lace. The yarn is Artesano Silk Embrace and the shawl will be knit out of only three balls of the stuff. Rather expensive but it goes a long way and knits quickly. Silk and alpaca.