Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hasty cookies of varied success, and slow soup of great success


  1. Silme, the boy friend has a request. Can you please post a recipe of the soup. He got hungry while looking at it...

  2. Potato, leek, carrot, some root I don't know the name of (it looks like a white cartoon carrot), diced beef.

    Quickly fry up beef in a pan in some oil, keep the liquid. Put it all in a pot. Add water and simmer for a while. Add vegetables, more water - and possibly stock, depending on your success with the meat. Salt, pepper, and if you want them, herbs. Let simmer for quite a while. Like an hour or two. The best is if it's kept at the point where it is almost just kept warm, just bubbling slightly in the bottom.

    Best the day after..

  3. Thanks a lot. Will try it when I have some slow time (please give slow time soon...)
    Hopefully the result will be as delicious as your picture looks.

  4. the white cartoon carrot thingies are called 'parsnip'


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