Saturday 18 September 2010

Knitting projects

I still haven't finished H's space invader socks; mainly because I need him to sit still when I am knitting so I can try them on him and figure out a workaround for the pattern, and that sort of time just haven't existed. I have also been struggling with a hat that I am about to frog for the fourth time to reknit, hoping to get it right this time.

However I did finish a pair of striped socks for myself during late summer, and I also knit a hat (not on picture). Then I have knit some mittens! I always find it a bother to have to take off my mittens to dig out a bus card when it is cold, so these are bus card mittens where you can get your fingers out to look for those pesky keys, bus cards, and whatnot, without taking the entire mitten off. Buttons neatly away too of course, for those a bit warmer days.

The green and red ones are new; the grey ones I knit last winter but gave new buttons. Notice the owl cable in the green ones - there are also owl cable ribbing on the "hood". I have tried to make the "hood" decorative on both sides as well.

Up for grabs if you want them, holler! 
Up for grabs if you want them, holler! 
Given away! 
In all honesty though; most of these things are bound to be given away. I don't need a million pairs of mittens myself :)

Yarn: Socks and grey/purple mittens - Trysilgarn Arctic, s5 needles.
The other two pairs of mittens: Tuva on s.6 needles.

Time for me to knit something on finer needles (especially seeing as the failing hat is on s.9!!)... and I got some alpacka yarn that will suit me well I think!