Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Finally got some much-needed rest

Finally got some rest - lying on a windy rock in central stockholm all day. Lovely! Nice and cool - although I instantly overheated again when I left.

And I also dared the elements and swam. A bit. In my underwear cause I had nothing else. Didn't need saving! Then I sunbathed for hours, still in my underwear and probably made everyone around snow blind with the reflections off my big, white, and very exposed stomach >:D

Thanks for a great idea Sanna!


  1. Enjoy the summer; don't forget the sun screen >:)

    Cold As Heaven

  2. I had it with me but didn't use it. My upper lip got sunburnt (uh, ok, why just that spot?), but the rest of me just got a few shades darker :)

    First time I've swam without having to be rescued since 1998 though! (The rescue-inducing attempt being in the Pacific 2008)

    Now I want to go back into the water some more :D


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