Monday 8 February 2010

More doodles and other small things

1) Two bookmarks I stitched up lately (embroidery is one of the few things I can do with a headache - a remnant from my 2008-concussion when I discovered it does not take any brainpower).
2) Miniature chainmail bracelet with glass beads.
3) A magnet from a Cauldron Christmas card sendout - 2007 I believe. I made alot of snowman Achmeds and tiny Rhaps'es.
4) Work doodles became magnets - there's more of them at work, including a dragon and a snail.
5) Another magnet, with cinnamon and aniseed.
6-8) Linus wanted to be in the picture too when I initially tried taking a picture of one of the bookmarks. If it wasn't a paw, or four, it was his butt.