Monday 14 December 2009

Another origami tutorial

Here is a tutorial of how to make these! :)

Two images showing the same with different size paper. One is a square, the other a rectangle. You can use any size paper as long as it ends in the same way when you fold it (fold, and then cut it at the folds). I recommend a paper width of about 3 inches (7,5cm) for the neatest results, but you can use any size you want (the smallest I have worked with was 1,5 cm wide but that was a bit bothersome and I didn't make many).

Fold the red lines all in the same directions and crease well, unfold. Then fold all the blue lines in the opposite direction. Crease well. It will collapse very easily into the streamer shape, and you can glue several together to make a long one. It is a simple model that even children find easy to do as long as they manage to be exact. Have fun!