Saturday, 29 November 2008

Ubuntu Cola

Saw this while heading to Memira for the eye exam where they told me they won't do surgery on me, and burst out laughing - had to stop to take a picture, my boss was giving me a weird look.

After Winter Came

Going to work one early morning - last tuesday to be specific. Now the snow is gone again, but for one morning it looked like that.

Before Winter

October 30th I spent my lunch break going for a walk - here is the documentation!
Thanks to blogger acting up they are in random order.
And this being Sweden, it was lunch time and the beginning of sunset.

Autumn leaves on the lawn, looking towards Ärvinge


I am not quite sure what it is, but it looks like an old farm or something. If you are in the know and reading this, please comment with the truth about the above buildings! (Picture taken on the other side of Kymlingelänken from Ärvinge/the lawn with the strange structure)
Training ground for dogs.

Lawn with strange structure.. I think it looks like a statue of a nuclear plant, or something.


Kista Science Tower seen above the treetops when I was standing on a rock.


Forest and paths.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Conspiracy Theories

As usual, the four of us were leaning against the window sill, while the rest were spread out across the general near vicinity - sitting on tables, leaning against shelves, borrowing chairs from nearby desks.

It didn't take many seconds - we certainly didn't have time to start talking - before a voice from somewhere to the left of us piped up: "Look, they're all wearing black".

A hush fell as all eyes turned against us. "And none of them are wearing glasses!" someone added.

"What's up?"

It really doesn't take much for people to notice a pattern, does it?

Sunday, 2 November 2008

November challenge

I didn't wait for the formal challenge, because based on the below I had an idea.

"Well..... the December challenge seemed obvious to me, but for November I thought having a thanksgiving themed Rhapsody pic would be a bit lame - I was toying with maybe putting some pictures to any of the songs in the book (but I haven't looked them up yet and I can only specifically remember Grunthor's chant) or maybe doing some simple portraiture.

Actually yes, I think portraiture, in the style of some of the old masters would be quite cool. I have a lovely vision of Grunthor sitting in a composed way with a soft light glinting on his weaponry and tusks."

Oh and I realise that the subjects of these challenges must seem cryptic if you aren't familiar with Elizabeth Haydon's books.