Sunday, 20 July 2008

Milkshake Failure and Orchid Success

A week ago we (I) were making milkshakes (reward for being such good girls and cleaning the flat, hah!) - but something went wrong in the process (ratio, to be specific), and it turned out a bit .. thick. Christine insisted it was a kodak moment and took pictures of the result using my camera.

But this week one of my orchids that came back after dying completely last year when I bought it decided to flower. Pretty!

Here you go.

Oh and I have a new job, starting monday and I was told I got it 3pm friday. Things move quick! Same company, same department though.


  1. Milkshaken ser smarrig ut, blomman är jättevacker!

    Och grattis till nya jobbet! :)

  2. Vad har du för jobb ?? Och - grattis!

    Dessutom så vill jag nämna att "milkshaken" ser alldeles perfekta ut! Så ska glass/milkshake se ut!!!!
    och jag skulle inte tacka ej till jordgubbarna ovan!


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