Friday, 15 February 2008

Testing new gadgets.

Test photos with the new flash, photoing what was closest to me at the time - the cat on my lap.

"Mummy, why are you looking at me through that big black thing there? You look like a freak."
He was purring all the while though, luckily for me his fear of cameras is beaten by his love of scratches ;)


  1. OH! How lovely whiskers! And eyebrows! And kitty! And colours!

    What cam do you have? And flash?

    ..and just so great pics!

  2. Canon EOS 350D, with a Speedlite 430EX flash.

  3. And the kit lens used.

  4. Har du hørt mere om leiekontrakt?

  5. As soon as everything is settled, be assured, I will make a post to shout out my joy and probably call all my friends, near and afar, in the middle of the night to tell them the good news (unless I get second thoughts and realise how much international calls really cost..).


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