Wednesday 11 July 2007

Norway Road Trip Summer 07 - Chapter 4: Driving Home

Driving home, a week early due to a combination of events conspiring together to get us back home.
We stopped when we got up to Vöringfossen (the Voering falls), braving the rain and the wind to have a look. My lens got rained on, so most of the photos were crap, but here is a selection anyway..

1/5: Continue at your own risk! Sounds much more ominous in the English translation than in the four other languages.
2/5: The falls, or part of them.
3/5: More of them. The hotel gives some impression of the dimensions. To the right is the precipice we were on first, and where the straight down photo below was taken.
4/5: And even more.
5/5: Faaaar down.. I get dizzy just from looking at the photo.