Sunday 8 July 2007

Norway Road Trip Summer 07 - Chapter 2: Halsnøy Rundt

A week ago we joined Pauline's regular crew for a weekend trip, arranged for and by the Coast Association in Hordaland (I don't know if you have a formal name in English - Ingunn, please correct me if you do!). The actual happening was a trip around an island (or group of islands, I'm not 100% sure about the actual geography), mostly by traditional small crafts (Faering and others), this time rowed, but also by bigger traditional craft.

1/2: Starting point, the boathouses. Midnight photo though, and it was a nice sunny day when we started - however the clouds soon came back, as you can see further down.
2/2: Folgefonna, one of Norway's large glaciers, is visible on the horizon.