Saturday 7 July 2007

Norway Road Trip Summer 07 - Chapter 1: The Journey There

Due to blogger's bugginess I have to make lots of separate posts to be able to write texts explaining the images. The post on the bottom is the last image - the rest of the posts belonging to this are untitled /only separated from this by a dotted line. Consider them the same post.

The images in this post are lower quality, sorry for that, but can't be bothered to fix. Contact me if you want hi-res versions.

The journey actually started in Stockholm, but the trip through Sweden to mother's place tends to be rather boring and routine. Starting point will thus be considered to be in Norway.

We only got about ten minutes away before we were stopped by the first road upgrade crew. There were many, many of them. This first one was the funniest however - especially the totally silly child-like "follow me" sign on the car. I didn't get any shots showing the flat farming country we started in.. but believe me, the contrast would be big compared to the later photos.